Thurrock Ramblers

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When joining us for a walk please consider the following:

If you like to walk at the front with the Leader please do not walk on when the leader stops to wait in order for others to catch up as this can put unnecessary pressure on the Leader.

Your leader will always walk to the pace of the slowest walker

Please pass back information on hazards - lowing hanging branches etc. Also let people in front of and behind you know when vehicles are approaching, (includes bikes, runners and horses)

Look behind you from time to time, especially when in the woods and changing direction, to make sure those following have seen which way to go, otherwise there is a danger of the group being split up or becoming lost.

Please knock mud off your boots on the grass verge or field edge rather than on the road.

Please follow the Highway code and walk towards the traffic unless the Leader specifically crosses over for health and safety reasons

Please follow the Countryside code: by leaving gates and property as you find them; by showing respect to the farmer/landowners by refraining from picking orchard fruit, protecting plants and animals, taking your litter home and taking care not to disturb other people, livestock or wildlife.

Walkers should not consume their own food & drink on pub or other premises unless specific permission has been given by the walk leader or the owner of the premises. If in doubt ask the walk leader.

If car sharing please ensure you speak to the driver about sharing the costs: petrol, car parks and tolls included.

Meeting times. Please be aware that the `Meeting time' published in the programme for each walk is in fact the time the group will leave the meeting place to go to the start of the walk.

Car sharing. When car sharing it is recommended that passengers contribute towards the cost of fuel as follows: 10 mile round trip - £1.50, 20 mile round trip - £2.50 , 30 mile round trip - £3.50, 40 mile round trip £4.50 and so on . Other related expenses such as parking and tolls would also need to be additionally factored in. Please speak with the driver to confirm your contribution.

Dogs. Registered Assistance dogs are always welcome on walks. Otherwise, please check with the walk leader before bringing a dog with you.

New walk leaders. "ALWAYS WANTED". However if you find the thought of submitting a walk daunting or you would like help recceing a walk, please contact a committee member. Someone will always be prepared to help you. You will find details of new walks on the website as detailed at the bottom of this note.

If you would like to lead a walk check it out with a committee member to ensure that it is suitable for the group and hasn't been done before.

Newcomers to the group. You are welcome to join us on a ramble or two before deciding whether to join the group. Enrolment forms are obtainable from any of our Committee members.